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Esther McKay

Project Coordinator, NSW Police Legacy
Esther Mckay served 17 years in the NSW Police attaining the rank of Detective (Technical) Senior Constable. She specialized in the area of Forensic Services, attaining expert status in crime scene examination, vehicle examination and partial expert status in document examination. She has a diploma of applied science in forensic Investigation and a Diploma of Counselling. She is also part way through completing masters in applied social science. She was discharged from the force, hurt on duty in 2001 with Post Traumatic Stress as a direct result of her forensic work. Her bestselling autobiography, ‘Crime Scene’ and 'Forensic Investigator'' were published by Penguin Books in 2005 ánd 2009. ‘Crime Scene’ is presently in script development for adaptation to a two part television mini-series. In 2005, Esther founded the Police Post Trauma Support Groups Inc and has worked actively for the past fourteen years as Chair supporting and coordinating services to both serving and former police and their families who suffer from work based trauma. She is also a long standing advocate for improving conditions for first line responders. Over the past fourteen years Esther has raised the profile of emergency workers who are injured in the line of duty and has worked tirelessly with a dedicated team of former Police in raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions. She was awarded the National Police Service Medal with 15 year clasp in 2001, the Pride of Australia Medal for Community Service in 2007 for her work with traumatized police, the NSW Police Diligent and Ethical Service Medal in 2008 and The National Service Medal in 2016. Esther speaks regularly as a keynote presenter and since leaving the police she has become the Patron of the Missing Persons Register and has served as an Australia Day Ambassador from 2007 to 2010. In 2016 she began work as the research and development manager and program coordinator for the moving beyond trauma programs at the Quest for Life Foundation where she specialized in working with traumatized first responders as well as those traumatised across the wider community. In 2017 Esther began work with the NSW Police Legacy Backup for Life project as the program coordinator. This role assists former and transitioning police and their immediate families to find new career paths, healthy lifestyle options, assistance with counselling and trauma care as well as fostering connections with the police family and maintaining strong ties and stakeholder relationships.

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