FearLess National Conversation on PTSD

The second FearLess National Conversation on PTSD was held on 24 & 25 August 2021. The award winning event bought together the full spectrum of the community who are impacted by, work with or care for those living with PTSD.


In recognition of the current crises up us and the uncertain times we face, the 2021 National Conversation focused on topics that were impacting our community at that time.

  • COVID-19 and the PTSD/Mental Health crisis
  • Focus on the specific challenges of regional Australia
  • The impact of the bushfire crisis and the lessons learned
  • Trauma and the Indigenous Community
  • Trauma and the role of the media
  • The impact of domestic violence trauma
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FearLess invites anyone who works with, cares for or is impacted by PTSD to join us for this important National Conversation.

This event is dedicated to creating a national network that aims to:

  • Inform and educate those on the front line: health professionals, community services workers and first responders
  • Support the community through the distribution of key information including latest research and treatment about PTSD
  • Deliver broad access to initiatives that may reduce its impact on Australian national life
  • Develop a community-owned and community-operated PTSD management protocol
  • Facilitate a national conversation on the impact and management of PTSD that aims to advocate for sufferers and initiate an national approach to the treatment of PTSD
  • Grow the FearLess community in size and diversity with representation by all impacted groups.

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